Our Services
The body is the best tool we have to bring about the healing process. At Holistic Healthcare of VA, we are dedicated to helping you return to balance and heal from within using the natural and holistic tools offered by the ancient sciences of Ayurveda and Herbal Medicine, and Yoga Therapy.

  • Asana (physical movement): We use physical movement to address structural issues, bringing alignment to the system and alleviating joint and/or muscle pain.
  • Pranayama (breathing): We incorporate controlled breathing with and without movement to decrease your stress levels and bring calm to the body and mind. These techniques are particularly effective to alleviate anxiety, depression, insominia, etc.
  • Pratyhara (controlling the senses): We use this tool to help those with eating disorders, substance abuse, and other addictions.
  • Marmas (energy points): We may incoprorate marma therapy to lessen nerve pain, tingling sensations, and numbness in the body.
  • Ahara (food): As a certified nutritionist we understand the role that proper nutrition plays in returning you to health. We may incorporate herbal remedies and Ayurvedic recommendations into your practice.
  • Vihara (lifestyle): We may incorporate lifestyle modifications to help move away from inappropriate habits and into healthful ones - one small (but impactful) change at a time.
  • Bhavana (visualization): We may incorporate visualizations into a practice to decrease stress, increase mindfulness, bring attention to a particular quality we want to cultivate in your life, and to bring about an essence of calm.
  • Dharana (ability to focus): By cultivating your ability to focus we can decrease your stress, increase your mindfulness, and prepare you for meditation.
  • Dhyana (meditation): The benefits of meditation are numerous - we use this practice to decrease your stress, increase your mindfulness, hone your attention, and bring calm to the body, mind, and spirit.