During your consultation, JJ will work with you to determine your most urgent issues. Based on your current state of health and needs, she will develop a practice and recommendations incorporating one or more of the tools listed above to start bringing you back to balance.


While these methods are highly effective, they do not return you to health overnight. It is important that you are willing to practice as advised. JJ takes into consideration your capacity, available time, and finances.  She will develop a practice or routine that will fit within your lifestyle.  Over time, the practice may change as you continue to evolve.  As things come up in your life that sometimes side-track us, just mention these to JJ and she will help you come up with the appropriate practice(s) to get you back on track.  Everyone has ups and downs with their patterns, JJ is well aware of that fact and works with individuals all the time to get them on the best plan for them at the time.




Initial Consultation

First 15 minutes: Free!

Single Session

45-50 minutes: $90

5 Session Package

$375 (use within 1 year)

10 Session Package

$600 (use within 1 year)

Hours at Total Wellness Center, Orange, VA:

(Subject to Change)

Tuesdays 10a – 3p

Wednesday 10a – 1p 

Thursdays, 12p – 6p

Fridays 10a - 5p

Saturdays by appointment

Your first appointment can be up to 75 minutes, allow extra time to fill paperwork (allow up to 90-minutes).

Second and subsequent sessions are generally 45-50 minutes.

Call (540) 672-2428 for more information or to make an appointment at Total Wellness Center in Orange, VA.