Holistic Healthcare of Virginia

Holistic Healthcare of Virginia is owned and operated by JJ Gormley, MS, CIAYT, who is dedicated to helping you heal from the inside out.  JJ teaches you to eat healthy and brings about better well-being using natural and holistic ways.  She utilizes the tools she's learned from years of study in Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Yoga, and Yoga Therapy. Her philosophy is to move you gradually, in a step-by-step, well thought-out progression toward a healthier and happier way of living. When moving gradually, you are more apt to make sustainable pattern changes that you can maintain in the long term.  Learn to live healthier with yourself and your life choices and watch as these small changes spread and permeate into all aspects of your life.

Holistic Healthcare of Virginia operates within the Total Wellness Center in Orange VA.  Location: 331 N Madison Rd, Orange, VA . 22960.  Call 540-642-2428 to make an appointment.  Call 703-389-3174 to speak with JJ directly.